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 web design!

Your source for attractive, effective
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small businesses  who
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A web site is a window into your business.
I want your customer's first impression to be a lasting one.

Here are some thoughts, projects and information


Custom Design Package

Desktop and Mobile responsive web design
Design elements such as icons and custom graphics
Custom blog design (if applicable)
Homepage with up to 6 interior pages
Website mockup of homepage and 1 interior page
Social media link setup
Basic search engine optimization

Package price starts at $2400

Additional Options

Ecommerce product integration of up to 100 products with payment processing and legal notice setup---$500

Hosting and Maintenance Package
Yearly hosting and site maintenance of site designed by
Weblementary Design Co.---$399 yearly
(details included in maintenance contract)

Site Migration and Hosting
1 year of website hosting and maintenance
Site migration from outside webhost--$699
(after initial year hosting and maintenance will
be billed at a yearly rate of $399)

Additional Pages
Print Collateral ---$120
Please contact with any questions and inquiries about the above services
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About Me

If you were wondering about me....

A notorious late bloomer, I have dipped my toes into several different career fields only to land upon a field that I previously only viewed as a hobby. I started my college and professional career in the medical profession. As any Mother knows kids require crafts and activities involving artistic slants. Lots of cupcakes, posters, dioramas and popsicle stick structures are required in any arsenal. Along with my Martha Stewart subscription, I have baked and crafted while learning a vast array of life skills. Never did I realize all of this would be the start of a lifelong career adventure. 

I have always been computer savvy. I became interested in the what, why and how a computer processes information and functions. With a degree in information science, I love using a particular coded formula to produce eye-catching graphics and design. As a Mom, I know what I like and what is user friendly. I started this little web design service for small businesses and not-for profits to give you the tools to present your information on the Internet. 

The mission of my company is two fold. First, l want to train clients to become familiar with the basic fundamentals of their site. Lastly, I wish to provide a pleasing yet informative design for the client to convey their marketing message as well as grow their business. I believe marketing should be clean, catchy and to the point. I am excited to get started growing your business and web presence. 


Interested?? Questions?? I would love to talk!

You can contact me Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM